Destination weddings Greece

You are invited to a wedding that is taking place so far from home  and you want to know more about this new trend about destination weddings. But being honest to yourself, you don’ t really know what a destination wedding is and moreover why is everyone talking about it. Checking it on the internet didn’ t shed enough light and there you go again trying to figure this out.

First of all, a destination wedding is pretty much what the word says. A wedding taking place away from home town, at a different destination. Well, not anywhere. You may also think to arrange your special day somewhere exotic.  And most of the times, the cost to plan such a wedding may be less than you expect.
Summer is here and a lot of your friends are going to some beautiful  place for a wedding they have been invited.
The destination on the back of the wedding invitation is Athens, Greece. There is something special about summer in Greece. Endless blue, crystal waters and beautiful golden shores alongside with ancient temples.

A perfect combination of extraordinary wedding and summer vacation in the same bag. That sounds great, and it really is.

A destination wedding allows couples to host their wedding in a unique location of their choice. They are thinking to drop tradition in the bin, and do it their own way. A destination wedding takes the stress out of planning a regular wedding at home with people you barely know that your parents make you invite.

What was once known as the wedding for those who had been married before has now turned into the new trend, especially since more and more couples are footing the bill themselves. With more and more of us getting married at a later age, and with more millennials who love adventure and travel, hello destination wedding, goodbye tradition.
One quarter of the wedding market is now being represented by the destination weddings. Comparing  the market a few years ago, it was only a small 5%.

A wedding in Athens has become very popular recently. The simple reasons of its popularity does not owe only the history of the ancient city of Greece, which is thousands of years old. Millennials seek to live a different wedding experience in the place where the notion of family was born. It is believed that marriages conducted in this sacred place are protected by Hymenaeus himself.

Athens is famous for its breathtaking scenery, ancient Greek temples and monuments, as well as luxury hotels. Of course the same applies to many other cities of Greece. Environment and nature are in perfect harmony with the amazing historical heritage. When you visit this place one day you will have a constant desire to return here and plan your destination wedding in Athens Greece.