Thanasis Politopoulos was born and raised in Athens. He studied Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and worked as project manager for major projects. However, at some point when he entered the third decade of his life, he fell in love with photography.

He loves creating images that makes viewers feel like they are entering a dream. He is an indoor and outdoor photographer, portrait, fashion + lifestyle. However, the artistic wedding photography has become his basic love and the central sector of his interests.

"Wedding photography is a game between moments and emotions, with time as the great opponent that you have to" freeze "before they disappear."

The entry of digital technology in the field of marriage photography enabled him to take full advantage of the new possibilities brought by the new subject, enriching his knowledge and artistically diversifying his images. Digital wedding photography offers more dynamic visual perception, as it manages to unite realism with imagination.

His goal and his dream is to bring to light the greatness behind the unique wedding day ... and this can only be revealed through a successful photo.


Hello my name is Dionisis Koutsis and i am a professional photographer.
As a photographer and photography instructor, my passion for creative photography is what drives me.

Photography to me is not just a snapshot of the moment.
It is an imaginary with an artistic look and a directional view, a play with light subversive ideas that result in a cinematically rendered and high aesthetic result.
I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, and I enjoy being a wedding photographer more and more as the years go on. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. It’s a huge honor and privilege to photograph passionate celebrations between families and friends.

My clients let me into their personal space and trust me to document with honesty and grace their deepest emotions: their love, their tears, their laughs, and their fears. For this I am grateful beyond words.