They Were in Love. They Were the Last to Know.

Jean Kim first spotted her future husband on a chilly day in 2002 at Amherst College. She was on the rooftop terrace of Valentine Hall, a dining facility that was doubling as a dormitory, when she looked out onto the campus grounds and Bryan Woo caught her eye.

“He has this cocky strut,” Ms. Kim, 33, recalled. “He was completely bald, he wore this giant puffy jacket and flip flops in the cold. I thought to myself, ‘Who is this scary-looking guy?’”

Mr. Woo and Ms. Kim, it turned out, couldn’t be more different. He is a New York City native, unnerved by the silent countryside of Amherst, Mass. She acclimated easier coming from a New Jersey suburb. He was private-school educated. She went to public schools her whole life.